Diamond Rug

October 18, 2012

Hi guys!  I’m Holly Casto from Holly Would and I’ll be here once a month to give you a new DIY craft to try.  DIYs are my favorite way to de-stress and get creative.  And now I get to share with you my fave DIYs!

First up… the diamond rug.

inspired by: west elm, lonny magazine, and anthropologie

– Sharpie markers (I used the magnum size)
– Plain white rug (mine was from TJMaxx)
– Yardstick/ruler
– Piece of paper

1:  Remove your dog from the rug.  (haha)

2:  Measure out a set number of inches that you feel is appropriate spacing for your rug. I went with 10 inches but if you have a larger rug you could space them out accordingly. Every 10 inches (or whatever spacing you decide) along the top, make a small mark.

3:  Do the same thing down the side of the rug.

4:  Using a piece of paper and your yardstick, mark where the top and side dots meet.

5 & 6:  Connect the dots! Draw a thick diagonal line through the dots you made.

7:  To make the crossing lines, measure half of the distance that you measured before (so since I did 10 inch spacing, I made my first dot at 5 inches), then continue the 10 inch spacing from that point on. This will make your lines look more natural, like they’re part of a pattern, rather than just crossing at each corner. Do the same thing down the side of the rug, like you did before.

8:  To make the crisscross lines, connect the dots and make sure that your piece of paper will sit on the ruler and line up with the previous lines, making a right angle to make sure that the lines are straight.

9 & 10:  Keep repeating that process until you’ve covered the space of the rug.

Thanks for letting me share this quick & easy tutorial with you guys and stay tuned next month for another DIY Craft!  – Holly

diy graphic by amy moore for drifter & the gypsy

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