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November 5, 2012

Some people appear to have the prettiest, cotton candy lives.  You know, full of pretty flowers and dresses and knick knacks and food… like my friend Emma, for instance, and her pretty Instagrams.

She recently took a trip to Africa, which made for some ca-razzzyy amazing photographs (like the giraffe and the elephant below).  She told me they were not zoomed in at all!!  Oh Africa, I so dearly want to visit you.  Or maybe I’ll just watch Out Of Africa for now.  Have any of you been (or live) in Africa?

Now you tell me!  Who are YOUR favorite Instagrammers to follow?

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  • Holy bananas, the elephant and giraffe aren’t zoomed in?! She must have been so close! Wow.
    One of my favourites to follow is emilieristevski. I want to live in her photos, that’s how much I love her instagram. 😉

  • so pretty. i’d love to be that close to an elephant.

    romantically challenged

  • those flowers are so pretty <3

  • Love these Instagrams!

  • I’m pretty sure you already know I live in Africa. Best place in the world I say! Especially Cape Town! If you ever do get to visit make sure you head down here (:

    • Yes I do! Do you see elephants and giraffes on a daily basis? Because that is just too neat. And don’t Cape Town is definitely on my places to visit!

  • HOLY WOW those photos of the elephant + giraffe are insane! I’ve never been to Africa, but I just look at all my dad’s photos from when he went in the 70s ahah.

    I have too many favourite instagrammers to mention.


  • Oh man, those pictures are amazing; I would love to visit Africa! I’m not on instagram but this post makes me want to join it. Thanks for sharing. =)

  • She is pretty inspiring, I am gonna start following her blog, her pictures are so dreamy and perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    Olive xox

  • Out of Africa is a stunning movie. Africa would be quite the land to live in. So raw.
    I adore your new blog, by the way. It’s lovely. A bit eclectic, yet feminine and inspiring. The banner is quite nice. I like how simple it is.

  • Wow, is it wrong that I want her life?
    I’ve always been intrigued by Africa, it has such polar opposites.

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