Lolita Lempicka

November 6, 2012

Perfume commercials are usually pretty typical.  They usually feature a pretty girl in a pretty setting with all these dapper gentlemen swooning over her saying, “What oh what is that HEAVENLY scent she is wearing?”  And at this point, the girl looks into the camera, all doe-eyed with a coy-ish grin and whispers, “Prima Donna, available at your local Sephora.”  Or something like that.

But not this film for Lolita Lempicka, starring Elle Fanning.  The setting and cinematography are just mind-blowing.  MIND-BLOWING I tell you.  Can you imagine if this film was in 3D?  Now that would be amazing.

The film was directed by Yoann Lemoine, who also directed the Lipton Green & White Tea Campaign (which you should watch here if you haven’t already seen it).

Now all I want to do is live in an enchanted forest with a magical deer and swing my hair around all pretty like Elle does in the film.  Speaking of Elle, was there ever a creature lovelier than Miss Elle Fanning?  I think not.

you can see the making of the film here and an interview with elle fanning here.

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  • Hmmm it is quite pretty, and she is lovely, but I think they over-sexualized her – isn’t she 14? Too many shots of her biting her nails and sticking things in her mouth. With a better editor, this could have been much better.

    • Hmmm I think she is 14. ‘Tis true, but I still think from a technical point of view, the cinematography is wonderful. That’s the fashion world for you, I suppose!

    • But I must say, you DO make a good point. I was just looking at it for its aesthetic 😉

    • Well, the name of the perfume IS “Lolita,” so you sort of have to expect it to a certain extent.

  • Maybe it’s my innocent way of thinking, but I actually don’t think there is anything sexual about the advertisement the way everyone seems to say.
    I mean, she’s biting her nails and hair…I think that is more of a childish trait than a sexual one…
    I think the advertisement really captures her freshness and childish innocence, rather than anything dark and sexual…but I guess everyone interprets things differently!

    • I agree with you, Harlow. I guess everyone does interpret things differently! Nonetheless, it is a beautiful film, in my opinion 🙂

  • She is amazingly beautiful and those graphics are stunning. It is magical. It makes me think of old esthetics of treating child in art, like those pictures of the real Alice that took Lewis Carroll or that thing of the Cottingley Fairies (The Cherry Blossom Girl made an article about that : and the music in that video is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

    Olive xox

    • I’m actually doing an English essay comparing Lewis Carroll’s work with that of Sally Mann’s, so I guess it does relate to this somewhat too; I just never drew the connection! Thanks for the link; I will definitely be checking that post from The Cherry Blossom Girl out.

  • I absolutely LOVE it! What a beautiful film! Some shots really put me in mind of Lord of the Rings, for some reason, though that could just be because of the music. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends – it’s too good to keep all to myself.

    • You’re right; it does sorta have a Lord of the Rings feel to it (even though I’ve never personally seen the film hehe). I think it’s the music and the eerie setting.

  • Very very pretty. It seems more like childhood innocence to me than anything else.

  • Yoann Lemoine is – especially in Europe – also known as Woodkid and has done several crazy-great tracks and he’s about to release his first record “The Golden Age”.

    Take a look at this live video which I adore:

  • I can’t describe with words how beautiful that was….

  • This is easily the best perfume add I have ever seen.
    Lets hope the others take note.

  • I couldnt take the antler scene seriously, but everything else was gorgeous.

  • Wow, if I didn’t know it’s a commercial, I would think it’s a trailer to some film. Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, L by Lolita Lempicka is my signature perfume. So pity they don’t have commercial for L 🙁
    And I like their ad for Lolita Lempicka fragrance. It’s less interesting than that but beautiful too imo.

  • it looks more like a trailer for a fantasy film…I wouldn’t’ve known it was a perfume commercial had you not said so!

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