Tea bear

November 15, 2012

As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals with studying graphic design in college is to share with you guys what I’m working on every now and then.  So here ya go!  Another project!

This was my final project for my drawing class.  We had to set up our own still life composition/light source according to the rule of thirds, then render our still life using various charcoal pencils and paying attention to the shadows, highlights, textures, etc.  I love it when assignments are open-ended like this and we students have the ability to design our own projects.

I was inspired by the cross-hatching in Georges Seurat‘s ‘Stone Breakers,’ so I experimented with the same technique throughout my drawing to create a textural feel.

Drawing is not my favorite thing to do in the world, but I ended up really enjoying this project (which is good because this was my final for the class!) and *even though it’s not perfect* I’m still pretty proud of my little teddy bear/tea party/picnic scene 🙂

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  • Awww I love your little tea party scene!

    PS. You’re a better drawer than you think you are 🙂

  • How wonderful! Aaaw. I love it. I would frame it and put it on my wall. Well done!!

  • Wow! Micaela, I didn,t know that you draw so well! I adore pencil drawings, yours is so lovely!

  • nice drawing…..I didn’t know you are graphic designing student. Your drawing are very nice

  • Hey Micaela I was just wondering why you decided to go to school for graphic design rather than photography?

    • I was really interested in both, but I felt I needed more training in graphic design than photography. In photography, I’m pretty much self-taught and I feel I can promote myself and get work without much formal training, however in graphic design I feel I need to be taught more, if that makes sense? In the end, I would love to be both a graphic designer, photographer, and blogger!

      • Thanks for the reply Micaela! I’m actually going to school for photography and I’m starting to get more and more interested in graphic design and was just curious with your choice. I would love to follow the path you’re taking but first need to better myself in photography!

  • this is actually pretty cool micaela, maybe you should take up more drawing! i know i wouldn’t have drawn any prettier than this! love to see your process too, good job *thumbs up*

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