Holly Farrell

November 16, 2012

I happened upon Holly Farrell‘s work a few weeks ago on Pinterest and immediately fell in love. At first I thought she was a photographer and thought these were amazing photographs, but then I realized these were actually paintings and not photographs. Even more amazing.

Holly is a self-taught portrait and still life artist from Toronto who focuses on painting old, mundane objects and collections. I love the way she keeps things simple. Nothin’ fancy, just simple, clean and refreshing.

“I like to paint things that are part of our everyday experience; common, utilitarian things like chairs, bowls, books, slippers, soap.  These subjects are typically set up in sparse surroundings, against a wall or on a surface. I like to keep the subject isolated… I like the wear and tear, cracks, crazing and ground-in dirt that tells the life of the subject.” (Frankie Magazine, September/October 2009).

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