Please Mr. Owl

December 5, 2012

Someone once asked me if my style was an animal, what would it be?  And that kinda really stumped me. It’s a harder question than it seems!  But after thinking it over, I came up with an owl. They’re a little bit preppy, a little bit academic, a little bit girly, a little bit classic…

Now it’s my turn to ask YOU if YOUR style was an animal, what would it be??

owl art by ashley percival

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  • That is a tough question! I think I’d be…ahh I don’t even know! Maybe some sort of woodland bird with semi-bright plumage.
    But your explanation as to why you’re an owl makes a lot of sense, you are good at this 🙂


  • if you were owl, you must be a cute smart owl 🙂
    I don’t know what style of animal i am , but i like cat ^^

  • I’d probably be a fox, i think they look feminine (but not girly), smart and mischievous! 😛

  • I’ll say like Rose, your description is so nicely putted that I feel I cannot be anything else than an owl because I am classic, girly and academic… (and I also am a pathetic huge fan of Harry Potter). But if I had to make a choice, I would be anything living under the sea, I love water so much, I feel complete when I am in the sea and I am fascinated with the mysterious world of the under water : I know, a Mermaid!
    (I am so NOT good at this, lol)

    Olive xox

  • erhmerhgerh these are sooo adorable. I’d prolly pick an owl, fox, or raccoon.

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