Suzy Sleepy

December 7, 2012

Also can be called that time I got artsy in front of the camera with Hana Haley, but for now we’ll call it by its proper name, Suzy Sleepy.

Hana took these pictures of me back in September, during the last sun-drenched days of summer. When I started talking to Hana about possible concepts for our photo shoot, she told me she had been wanting to do a photo shoot for a while thats main theme was sleeping… and in every photo I would be oddly slumbering around the city. Is that too weird? she asked me. Maybe to onlookers it looked kind of strange… me lying on various monuments in downtown San Francisco while getting my picture taken (or maybe not, compared to all the other crazies running around in San Francisco), but what’s a photo shoot if there’s no adventure?

I’ve been playing in front of the camera a lot lately it seems, between outfit posts and photo shoots with other photographers and whatnot. Next week I have a photo shoot that I’m shooting as a photographer (the first one I’ve done in MONTHS!). I am so inspired and so ready to make some magic BEHIND the lens this time!

more photos from this shoot can be found here.

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