January 9, 2013

I watched Barefoot in the Park a little while ago (side note: if you have not seen that movie, go do so now!). It has Jane Fonda in it and until then I had always associated Jane Fonda with… well yoga and workout DVDs for older women and whatnot. But man, I didn’t realize how much of a babe she was in her heyday! Babe status.

I am just insanely INSANELY truly madly deeply in love with these photos of Jane doing yoga with her siamese cat by Genevieve Naylor.

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images via the catalyst

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  • I LOVE Barefoot in the Park and am so thankful you mentioned it. I’ll have to watch it NOW.

  • OMG me tooooo. These are fantastic.

  • Barefoot in the Park is one of my favorite movies. It’s so very witty and charming. I actually just watched Cat Ballou a few nights ago. Another lively comedy starring Jane Fonda. I highly recommend it.

  • Sure thing. =)

  • If you want to see Jane Fonda’s great dramatic acting…her movie, “Klute.” I finally bought it from iTunes a while back. I believe she won an Academy Award for it. It might have been 1971 or 1972 when it was made. And for seeing Jane Fonda very racy, “Barbarella” I don’t know what year that came out, very ’60’s retro, only set in outer space.

    Love your blog and I check it daily, well, unless I am distracted with work.

  • I haven’t seen it but I must if a cat appear!!!

  • Barefoot in the park is one of my favorite movies…Robert Redford and her are adorable in it together!!!

    She’s so trendy and vintage in these pics! Love it!

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