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January 23, 2013

What are rainy days good for other than unarchiving old photos? The other day I did just that.

this place - drifter and the gypsy blog

This is the house where we lived in Connecticut before moving across the country to California. It’s funny, looking back at that house, my perspective of it has entirely changed. When I lived there, I couldn’t stand how old it was (it was an old farmhouse built in 1906). The creaky floorboards, the antiquated radiators, and the small box-y rooms drove me nuts. But now, looking at these photos, I love that little farmhouse, creaky floors, and everything (adds to the charm of it all if you ask me!). Oh, the photo shoots I could do in this place! If only…

Do you often find yourself looking back and realizing you completely took what you had for granted? I do. Or perhaps maybe it’s my memory playing tricks on me. You know, your memory tends to coat everything in a layer of gold. Do you have any favorite memories?

this place - drifter and the gypsy blog

Sometimes I look back at these old pictures – this former life – and think that one day maybe I’ll move back. I don’t know if I’ll ever move back or not… if I do, I’m afraid my memory will have played tricks on me and I’ll realize this old life will not be as precious as I remember it. And in that sense, I’ll taint the sweet memories I have of it now. Does that make sense? Do you ever feel that way?

PS. Lots more photos of this house are on my Facebook page, including some interiors (these were taken right before we moved, so all our furniture was packed and the house was empty).

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  • Love this little farmhouse.

  • I know just the feeling! I grew up on 6 acres out in the woods, full of trails to explore….only I was not a trail runner at the time, and hated being stuck out in the woods as a teen. Now, as an all grown up trail runner….ugh. I could have had so much fun exploring and enjoying my surroundings!!
    And….I love that house!! So charming!

  • ahhh of course, I suspect that is what thomas wolfe meant when he said ‘you cant go home again’


  • This is such a great house! It looks so romantic. Although i’m an architect and like minimalistic architecture i just love the ooden housen that you see in america so often. In those kind of houses live perfectly happy people, the perfect couple with perfect kids who play outside in the garden with the dog while mom is making some marmelade and dad is chopping wood. Maybe i saw to many movies 🙂
    And so true what you tell about memories.
    We often live in the past or the future without appreciating the moment.
    Thanks for the great post and enjoying THIS moment.

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