This or That: Traveler or Spectator?

April 15, 2013

Do you like traveling? You may think that this question is silly because you would answer “Sure I do! Who doesn’t?!”

this or that: traveler or spectator?


Believe me or not but I do know people, who are not so much for traveling, for example… my dad. He hates packing suitcases, long trips, buses, trains and all those things, but he loves documentaries about other countries or cultures.Unlike my dad I LOVE traveling! How about you? – Asia

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  • I love traveling! I just wish I had the time to do it more often. I traveled a lot more when I was younger (when I was 7, my family and I took a trip to Munich, Germany and then the following year, we went Munich again, and then Austria). Last year, we took a family trip to Maui and it was one of the best family vacations we’ve had. It’s important to travel because it opens your eyes to many cultures and allows you to see how other people outside of your area live. – Micaela

  • I always was a spectator…but now I love to travel! The more different places I go the better! =)

  • I LOVE TRAVELING! If I can go somewhere by train it’s even better! Every travel is like an new adventure. Unfortunally I have a boyfriend who hates traveling :/

  • I want to travel the world! I love it, learning and being a part of a different culture. My boyfriend on the other hand isn’t a fan of it, hes a typical ‘I can see a picture on the internet’ guy. But in the three years we’ve been together I’ve managed to drag him to Cyprus, Mallorca, Paris and NY as well as various places across the UK. Maybe, I can make him love it as much as me one day!


    • WOW! You guys sure have gone to a lot of places. I know a few people like your boyfriend. Kudos to you for showing him the world, though!

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