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May 15, 2013

I love this cool (and educational) stop motion about the history of typography.

video by ben barrett-forrest, found via frankie mag newsletter

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  • hi!
    THANKS for sharing this video!
    I’ve been learning typography on my own (well trying to) by reading articles and textbooks but i’m certain i just learned more about the subject in 5 min than I did by reading books!

  • Does anyone else think about how interesting it would be to study typography in depth?

    • Me! Which is why I’m studying graphic design at SCAD and will eventually be taking typography classes 🙂

  • Thanks for this amazing little video. It might be really interesting to study the evolution of typography and what it reveals about our society, don’t you think ?

  • Love this video — thank you for sharing!

    Your blog is superb, by the way — you are so accomplished, and I love your aesthetic. Also very envious of you living in San Francisco!

    Beth (qb) x

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