DIY Hanging Jar Flower Display

June 20, 2013

Hello again! I’m Dani from the blog High Walls here to share with you an easy peasy craft project you can do on a quiet afternoon!

diy hanging jar flower display - drifter and the gypsy blog

Everybody loves a good flower arrangement to bring a little color to your home, but sometimes you want to do something a little extra special. Take your flower arrangement to the next level with a super easy hanging vase display that you can make yourself with materials you probably already have around you home! All you need to make a lovely hanging flower display is some old jars from around your kitchen, a ball of twine, some scissors, clear tape (optional) and of course some flowers. You can always use the ever-popular mason jars, but I like to re-use old jars because not only is it good to recycle, it’s also nice to have a collection of different shapes and sizes in your display.

diy hanging jar flower display - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. Take some old jars and wash well and leave to sit in a bath of hot water for at least 15 minutes. After this time the labels should easily peel away allowing you to clean the outside of any residual glue. (If the label doesn’t come away from the glass easily, return the jar to the water for a few more minutes) Make sure your jars are completely dry before starting the next steps.

2. Take your ball of twine and without cutting the string, measure out a length double the length you want your handle to be.

3. Then starting from the point you have marked, wrap the twine around the top of the jar (below the thread of the jar) and tie a secure knot. You should have a length of thread on one side of the knot and the other side should lead to your ball of twine.

4. Take the ball of twine and wrap it around and around the top of the jar, moving down the jar so that you are creating a band of string around the top. Keep going until you are happy with how it looks. Loop the end of the loose piece of string we left earlier under the last wrap you make so that it goes from the first knot we made to the opposite side of the jar top, making a handle shape.

5. Knot the loose end around the last wrap you made and then tie off the end attached to the ball of twine around this knot as well. Knot them together a couple of times so that both strings are secure.

6. Cut away any loose threads and hold up the jar using the twine handle. The twine should sit snugly under the jar thread.

7. To display, half fill the jar with water and arrange your flowers inside as you desire. Your flowers should be shorter than your handle. Remember to trim away any excess leaves and petals from the base of the stems to ensure the water doesn’t discolour. If your flowers are having difficulty standing in their arrangement, run a thin strip of clear tape across the top of the jar creating a ‘bridge’ to separate and confine your flowers into the desired arrangement.

diy hanging jar flower display - drifter and the gypsy blog

Using this method, you can fill these jars with whatever you want; candles, sand, candy or even tiny terrariums. Not only that, because we didn’t use any glue of adhesive, you can always cut the twine away when you are finished and use the jars again. Hooray for recycling!

Dani (DIY Craft contributor)

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