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July 16, 2013

I’ve always sort of been an Instagram nay-sayer. That’s not to say I never liked Instagram. I did. But it just became one more thing for me to update, you know?

I’d do the obligatory once-a-week photo post so people that knew I was alive, but never much more than that. Slowly but surely, my standing with Instagram is changing. A while back, I got an iPad and can enlarge Instagram HUGE on the big screen. Do you Instagram from your iPad too? I love it because I can see my photos twice as large and it makes it easier than working on a tiny phone screen.

In addition to posting my own photos, I love finding other people’s IG feeds with inspiring content. I’ve recently discovered one of my readers, Vera, has the prettiest Instagram ever.

a pretty instagram to follow - drifter and the gypsy blog

Vera is from St. Petersburg, Russia and has a blog of her own. Her Instagram is full of food, nature, and anything else that is pretty and lovely. You know when you discover someone online and just know if you ever met in real life, you’d be fast friends? Well that’s how I feel here. I adore Vera’s clean compositions and taking a peak into what life in the beautiful country of Russia is like (do I have any readers from Russia??).

a pretty instagram to follow - drifter and the gypsy blog

My next venture is VSCOcam. I downloaded it for free the other day and can’t wait to start playing around with it. Some of my favorite photos on IG have the hashtag #vscocam, so I can’t wait to start using its filters on my own pictures as well.

Do you have any favorite Instagrammers? Do share!

PS. You can follow me on Instagram @drifterandthegypsy.

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  • Ahh I feel that way about Twitter, but I LOVE instagram! And I love finding great new accounts to follow, thanks for bringing this one to my attention!


  • Beautiful! It took me awhile to get into Insta too, but now it’s my fave social media. I need to find you on there! xo

  • Hello Micaela,

    I was so amazed when I saw my Instagram photos on your blog – I couldn,t believe it at first 🙂 This is such an honor for me.
    I,ve always admired your blog and everything you post and I,m very glad you like my pictures 🙂 Thank you so much!


    P.S. My favorite instagrammers are @cleocoppinger @lavinnnnia and @tsarikova

  • Ahh, I’ve always been an Instagram lover over Twitter, but I’m better with photos than I am words. Some of my favorites are @amerrymishap, @mrswhittaylor and @alice_gao

  • Hello! I’m from Russia but this year live in Bangkok. Love your blog!
    Check my instagram: http://instagram.com/daramuscat#
    Maybe you will like it… I’m an artist and jewelry designer.)

  • Hi Micaela!
    I find your blog lovely and I come from Russia (also from Saint Petersburg:))
    Thank you for this post- gonna follow Vera on Instagram!
    Have a nice week!


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