Behind the scenes of Bella Blue

July 31, 2013

bella blue behind the scenes

I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty nosy person. Nosy in the sense that as much as I love to look at a final product, I love a sneaky peak behind the scenes, maybe even more. I love seeing what the surroundings looked like the moment a shot was taken, what was the team wearing, how large was the team, etc. Sadly, no one usually takes behind the scenes pictures of my shoots other than some quick snaps on their phones, but that just doesn’t compare. For my Bella Blue shoot, I asked my friend Helen to take some behind the scenes shots with her camera. I had such fun seeing how I look while taking pictures. I hope you enjoy!

bella blue behind the scenes

What the pool looked like from the observation deck:

bella blue behind the scenes

Isn’t the lighting dreammyyy??

bella blue behind the scenes

Pssst if you missed my Bella Blue shoot, go here. Also, check out the full series complete with all the final images on my website.

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