A thrifting we will go

August 29, 2013

Anyone who knows me and has been reading this blog for a bit (or follows me on Instagram or Twitter) knows I’m a huuuuge fan of thrifting.

a thrifting we will go - drifter and the gypsy blog

Garage sales, not so much. It’s just really not in my schedule to wander around neighborhoods on Saturday morning, visiting this garage sale and that. And when I do, I never really find anything good. I would TOTALLY die though if I found a garage sale this lovely:)

a thrifting we will go - drifter and the gypsy blog

Do you go to garage sales?

photos by gemma booth

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  • For years, ebay was my LIFE (and livelihood) and I spent *every* morning hitting estate and tag sales, garage sales on weekends, thrift stores, flea markets, auctions. It was a hoot! I experienced so many (mostly disappointing) changes in the “pre-owned” market over the years – prices going up, true treasures harder and harder to find. I finally burnt out on it for those reasons.

    But I’ve been missing it a little. I think the fall coming, wanting to feel cozy and nesty, being in a relatively new apartment and wanting to personalize it…I feel I may be hitting up a couple sales soon….


  • I just posted about how I LOVE yard sales! I think maybe a big reason why you’re not a huge fan would be where you’re looking.
    I don’t bother going to yard sales where I live, but during the summer we do Saturday morning rounds up where my cottage is (rural village) and I ALWAYS find something. There are so many elderly people who have their old (vintage!) things to give away!

    I hope you run into a yard sale that will change your mind! 🙂

  • These photos are really good!!

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