Looking back on: September 2014

September 30, 2014

This month I started my 3rd year at SCAD. It’s really scary to think 2 years of college have already gone by, but I’m actually doing the 4-year eLearning program in 5 years (which enables me to work on my blog & business), so I have a teeny little bit more time in school than if I graduated in 4 years. (Side note: A few of you have asked what I’m studying in school. I’m getting my BFA in Graphic Design, which totally goes hand in hand with what I do here on Drifter & the Gypsy and my photography).

Before school started (in typical me manner) I loaded up my plate and squeezed in as many creative collaborations/business opportunities as I could conceivably handle.

The weekend before school started, I volunteered at Brit + Co.’s Re:Make Conference and Festival, which was extremely interesting. It dealt with the Maker Revolution and how the Millenials are choosing quality over quantity. More people are making their own everyday items instead of buying something from the nearest Walmart, which to me is amazing.

Brit has a book coming out early next year about how our digital advancements are creating a new generation of homemakers. Pretty cool stuff.

looking back on september - drifter and the gypsy blog
This month I…

Ate my weight in watermelon. Watermelon is going to be out of season soon, so I’ve been compulsively buying watermelon to savor summer’s last sweetness.

Heard rain for the first time in months.

Enjoyed a beautiful brunch with beautiful friends. I’m so proud of my pal Giovanna for hosting her first community brunch in this gorgeous space. Here’s to many more brunches to come!

Did a really really exciting photo & video shoot collaboration with one of my favorite brands (this was the inspiration). The photos & final video should go live in early November.

Took pictures of my friend Molly‘s office space.

Went to Urban Air Market with my mom. So much fun. The next market is at Lower Haight in SF. You’re in San Francisco, you should go!

Discovered I love crystal frames. Too bad my eyesight is perfect.

Left the Re:Make Festival feeling inspired, uplifted and rejuvenated.

Made a yummy watermelon smoothie concoction (yes, watermelon again. I’m obsessed).

What did the month of September look like to you? Did you start school (or is this your first year out of school?), start a new job, go on a trip, see a good movie? I’d love to hear what you did!

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  • In september I was either working or busy being sick :/ I also had my last day at my job. I also celebrated International Coffee day with at least 3 cups of coffee at work and one iced coffee after work – coffee <3

  • Looks like September was a great month for you! Love your Instagram pictures – both the ones you’ve shared here and the rest of your feed!

    September was a busy time for me! I’m doing a semester of university abroad in the UK (I’m from Canada), but first I did a bit of travelling/vacationing in Greece, Italy and Croatia before settling down for school.

    Thanks for sharing your September, I always look forward to your posts!

    • Hi Whitney! Aww thanks. It sounds like September was both a busy and fun time for you. I’d love to visit Greece, Italy and Croatia. 🙂

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