Drifter Rebrands: Part II

September 2, 2015

oh my drifter rebrand: part i - drifter and the gypsy blog
Hi guys! I wanted to pop in and update you with some Oh My Drifter rebrand stuff. (Click here if you missed the first update.)

I’ve been working with a web developer on customizing a new blog design, which has been both fun and stressful. I’ve been forced to pay attention to every. single. little. detail. I don’t think about when I have a layout I use day in and day out. (I went through this process three years ago when I worked with another web developer to create my current design, but how easy the mind forgets!) Like, for instance, do I want my hover colors to be the same color as I currently have or different? How and where do I want my social media icons displayed? Where do I want the date of the post to go? How would I like the date of the posts displayed? How ’bout that dotted line underneath each blog title: yay or nay? I happen to like a lot of elements of my current layout, so a lot of things will stay the same, which DOES make it easier in the deciding process.

oh my drifter rebrand: part i - drifter and the gypsy blog
The above grid of photos is going to be used on the ABOUT page.

The new layout will also include a built-in online portfolio, so I’m working on reorganizing my portfolio. Fun fun! I just received notice that my micaelahoo.com domain is expiring in a few weeks, which is sad, but it’s time to say goodbye to my fashion photography days. My new portfolio will be updated with much more current creative direction and graphic design work and will include a few of my favorite fashion photo shoots as well.

I made some new logo designs and tweaked a few of my old ones. I’m honing in to one layout idea now and I feel like I’m coming pretty close to one I like.

oh my drifter rebrand: part ii - drifter and the gypsy blog
Next I’m going to sketch out some pictogram ideas in case I want to go the pictographic logo route. I’m pretty sure I don’t want a pictographic logo, but I want to exhaust all ideas before I settle on something! 😉

I enjoyed reading all your comments about your favorite logos on the last post. Let me know which logos you’re feelin’ the most from this round of revisions!

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  • I love the third one in the second column 😀
    Anyway, all idea are pretty nice 🙂
    And your blog is too

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