Drifter Rebrands: Part III

September 15, 2015

drifter rebrands: part iii - drifter and the gypsy blog
This past week of working on the rebrand (specifically logo design) stuff was kind of rough (BUT it has a good ending, so read on!). I had a million logo ideas in my head but every time I translated them to paper, it just didn’t work. I tried creating some pictures/icons (hearts, lips, clouds, me) to go with my name but they all looked really cheap and not good at all. I liked some of my previous logo sketches, but nothing was quite there yet. And it seemed the more I tried, the farther away I got from my goal. I missed my self-imposed deadline to finalize my logo by last Thursday. I was really out of ideas.

I talked to my friend Jess and she suggested I try going in a handwritten direction. The handwritten direction is actually closer in aesthetic to the logo I have currently (although my current logo is actually a font, believe it or not!)

I sketched out a few ideas and I really like the way they look. I like the thinness of my current logo, so I used that as a guide in some of the sketches. My brand is very whimsical and vintage, so I played that up in the unevenness of the letters. Looking back on my previous ideas, I feel I am much more closer to a logo that represents me than I was before. (To be honest, I’m kind of cringing at some of my first ideas… but don’t we all?) Dare I say I even think one of these logos could be the one?!

drifter rebrands: part iii - drifter and the gypsy blog
PS. See Part I, Part II and reasons why I’m changing names.

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  • I think my fav ones are the bottom left and the third one on the right!

    Love the handwriting!

  • Oh, this is so exciting! Rebranding yourself (let alone, just branding in the first place) can be such a difficult process! I’m definitely going through this myself right now. So bravo to you for sticking with it!

    I must say, these definitely feel more true to what you represent! I absolutely love the bottom-most left. I think you’ve got some pretty stellar options here 😉

    Best of luck!

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