Satirical fashion trends: ugly sweaters

October 9, 2015

Last week I mentioned I was working on designing a poster that embodied the word eclectic for school. I wrapped up the project this week, so here’s the final result!

My concept was to create a poster featuring fashion trends in a satirical style. People are so quick to run around in circles chasing after the latest fads, but fashion does NOT always have our best interest in mind (most certainly not high heels)! And some fashion trends are just well… ridiculous. I love fashion, but don’t take it seriously. Sometimes it’s fun just to laugh at the silly trends that come in and go out of style… and then come back in style only to go back out of style just as quickly as they came in.

satirical fashion trends: ugly sweaters - drifter and the gypsy blog
Ugly sweaters were first popular in the mid-1980s. Bill Cosby pioneered this trend, often wearing oversized sweaters with questionable colors and patterns on The Bill Cosby Show. The trend, however, died out as the 1990s began. According to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On, the ugly sweater experienced a surge in popularity due to a 2001 party trend from Vancouver, Canada. Now, ugly sweaters are a holiday tradition in pop culture. Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has created a segment, “The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters.” Companies like AOL, Dunkin’ Donuts and Crunch gyms have jumped on the bandwagon and are even throwing their own ugly sweater-themed parties. How long this trend will last? I don’t know. But what I DO know is how undeniably comfortable a thick oversized sweater is on a chilly winter day… ugly or not. 😉

I really liked this project enough to turn into a series. I have a bunch of satirical fashion trends bouncing around in my head I can illustrate out on paper. I want you guys to chime in too! Have any outrageous fashion fads? Throw ’em at me in the comments below!

It’s a long weekend here in the good ol’ US of A so I’m taking off Monday, but I’ll be back on Tuesday!

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