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October 19, 2015

ive been drawing - drifter and the gypsy blog
When people hear I go to art school, they always ask me if I like to draw. And my answer has always been, “not really.” I think the reason is I’m a visual learner, not a kinesthetic learner. And drawing of course, is very hands-on. I’ve always been more drawn to photography than illustration (no pun intended)—it’s cleaner and I don’t like getting my hands messy, which is why I generally prefer a camera over paint.

With that being said, I’m designing a brochure for my graphic design class that I’m creating almost entirely in illustrations and hand lettering. And you know what? I’m really enjoying it. My favorite part is seeing my illustrations after I scan them in and bring them into Illustrator to color them. Above are a few illustrations that are going into the brochure. I know brochures can be boring, but rest assured I’m making this one colorful and fun!

I think digitalizing my drawings is the perfect marriage between traditional art and technology.

I’ll be done with the project this week, so I’ll show you the final product really soon. (Although if you follow me on Snapchat: ohmydrifter, you’ve already seen a sneak peek! I may or may not show more sneak peeks this week so you’ll want to follow me there.)

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