The Real Girl’s Guide to Fashion Trends

November 16, 2015

Last month I posted some spot illustrations I drew for a school project I was working on and today I’m excited to share the final product: a brochure making light of fashion trends! While many people idolize—even worship—the fads of fashion, The Real Girl’s Guide to Fashion Trends exposes them for what they really are. When most people hear the term brochure, they think of extremely boring corporate-like stuff or something with a lot of technical information. (I know I do.) I wanted to make my brochure fun and exciting! The Real Girl’s Guide delves into the origins of various fashion trends with an air of wit. Always gotta have a sense of humor when it comes to style. This is probably my favorite project I’ve done to date! I had a lot of fun with this one—as I do with all my projects, but this one especially.

real girl's guide to fashion trends

This is also one of my first non-web PRINTED projects. It was fun to get to physically hold my final project in my hands. I’m so used to my projects never making it off the computer screen. I also took some pictures of me with the brochure in the wild, which I’ll post on Friday!

PS. I added this brochure to my portfolio if you want to see it bigger and in printer layout.

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