Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

March 29, 2016

Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

At long last, the reason why I’ve been so MIA on the blog is here. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Drifter Organics is live on Kickstarter! My mom and I started this venture 1.5 years ago and decided to run a Kickstarter campaign nearly a year ago. Originally, we wanted to launch the Kickstarter in January, but then it got pushed to February and then it got pushed to the veeeery end of March but it’s HERE! I’m rotating between happy dances, excitement, and curling up in a ball of anxiety in a corner of my room. This is a VERY big day for my mom and me and we are excited to have you be a part of it.

I am really really proud of what my mom have accomplished thus far: the product development, registering our own business, branding, photography, the VIDEO, and diving into a new adventure in our lives.

Here’s the deal: Kickstarter buries projects on their website that don’t get supported from day one. Projects with little support in the beginning often get lost in the depths of Kickstarter and never get seen. You can help us be more likely to succeed even if you aren’t interested in contributing monetarily.

3 things you can do to help make the Drifter Organics Kickstarter a smashing success:

  • Go to our Kickstarter page and comment (no donation required to comment + any activity on our campaign helps!)
  • Share our Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Tell one person today about Drifter Organics

Every little bit you contribute helps. If you donate today (even $1 or $25) Drifter Organics will be 100x more likely to get featured on the Kickstarter homepage. We are offering are variety of awesome rewards as thank you gifts which you should really check out because we know you’ll love them.

Another fact: Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. If we do not make our campaign goal of $7,000 (even if we’re $1 short!), we receive nothing. Please support us today and in 31 days we hope to have enough pledges to produce our first three body butters on a grander scale.

To view our press kit, go here.

Please forward/share this link to friends, family, coworkers—anyone you think would be interested. The more the merrier!


Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

Drifter Organics Kickstarter is LIVE!

All photos (except the last one) by June Kim // Hand modeling by Ariel Tzu-Chi

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