Catching up

May 3, 2016

Catching up
Catching up

Hi there!

My mom and my Drifter Organics Kickstarter ended last week and I’m feeling a serious mix of accomplishment and relief. A huge thank you to my blog readers who contributed to the Kickstarter. I can see where my backer traffic comes from, I know who you are. 😉

I’m working on getting the ecommerce site all polished up to launch for pre-orders!!! So if you are bummed you missed the Kickstarter, the body butters will be available for pre-order as fast as my little fingers can look up Shopify tutorials and type out product descriptions.

I put my schoolwork MAJORLY on the back burner the whole month of April; I need to catch up. And do other forms of catching up on other things I’ve let sit, like cleaning my bathroom, my bedroom, my office, organizing my closet, and updating this blog more! All in time. On the Kickstarter front, enough people have asked me what running a Kickstarter campaign was like I’m going to do a full Kickstarter recap soon. Long story short: it is A LOOOOOT of work but really worth it. (Better more detailed recap coming soon.)

Above are two pictures from a trip the family and I took to Sonoma. I forgot it was rose season and about DIED with I saw so. many. roses. all in bloom at once. That reminds me I should really take some outfit pictures at the Berkeley Rose Garden during this season. It’s May already, which is my favorite time of the year. The sun rises early and sets late! The best! I’m blessed to not have any environmental allergies, so I can really appreciate all flowers in bloom.

What a schizophrenic, rambling post! I kind of like these. You know, unedited little “checking in” snippets of my life + current thoughts. What do you think? More of these types of posts? Yay/nay?

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