Type talk

January 23, 2017

Type Talk

Type Talk

I just finished my first project for my typography class at SCAD: We had to create a poster or series of posters centered around an assigned typeface. I was assigned Century Gothic, which made me very happy because it’s a typeface that I like! I kind of rather have been assigned Futura, because I tend to use it more often over Century Gothic (super nerdy type talk here), but I’ll take Century Gothic.

My idea was to personify Century Gothic and create commentary as if the typeface were answering questions from a mental health questionnaire. My approach to design when creating anything is to give myself zero constraints, go with what feels natural to me, and see what comes out (AKA go with the flow). One of my classmates commented that my overall design was very ’90s, which is so interesting because I’m shooting a ’50s meets ’90s fashion story this weekend. I wonder if I was subconsciously inspired?

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