Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

January 3, 2018

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

Welcome to 2018! I am really ready for the new year. 2017 was a year I did a lot of growing. I pulled my first of several all-nighters for school (not fun), I grew my business, and overall learned to better treat myself with respect. With my blog, I focused on quality over quantity and made more progress with healing my gut (will do a health update soon!). I said “yes” to more opportunities that were out of my comfort zone (like going to networking events at night! an introvert’s horror story) and realized that getting off my routine every once and a while wasn’t going to kill me.

Here are my happiest 2017 accomplishments:

1. I listened to my intuition. I was super honest/open about my ego vs. intuition and transparent about my feelings, both with myself and in dealing with others. In the past, I’ve often let my ego talk (both internally and externally) out of fear. I’d like to get even better about talking out of intuition this new year.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

2. I listened to my body when it came to exercising and resting. I have an all-or-nothing personality and used to run cross country in high school and after that, half marathons. Upon discovering high impact activity is not good for my body/bone structure/makeup personally, I transitioned out of running and straight into other high cardio, less impact sports, like spinning and swimming. I thought my heart had to be pounding out of my chest for me to get a good workout in. In 2017, I was feeling quite burnt out physically, so I tried other activities, like weight lifting, yoga, and walking. I took more rest days than my younger self would have felt comfortable with and—this goes in line with Accomplishment #1 I listened to my intuition—only moved when my body felt like moving. I exert myself a lot mentally and recognize that as a result, sometimes I need to rest myself physically.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

3. I participated in West Coast Craft twice. I remember walking West Coast Craft years before my mom and I had even thought about starting a business together and being awestruck at all the amazing displays and goods the vendors were selling. I can’t believe we’re one of them now (not that we by any means have the fanciest packaging or display, but we’re getting there).

4. I got accepted into and participated in West Coast Craft’s INTRO program. In 2017, West Coast Craft launched a program specifically for youths ages 14-24 called INTRO. Not only do you get to participate in West Coast Craft, but you receive a mentor to help guide you through the process and running your business in general. The mentor connection was invaluable to me as I have soooo many questions as a new business owner and it’s insightful to learn what other people have done.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

5. I was in San Francisco Magazine. One of my aspirations when I first started blogging was to be featured in print. There is something very special to me about being featured in print vs. being featured online (being featured anywhere at all is amazing, though!) and I was thrilled when San Francisco Magazine contacted me about being featured in their April issue as a young maker.

6. I made the Drifter Organics Smile Balm video. My dad gave me the idea to create a promo video for Smile Balm at the end of winter 2017. I knew it was an amazing idea, but would take me a while to execute as I’m mainly a one-woman show with my mom as my assistant. It made me exceedingly anxious to think about orchestrating a video shoot like this with so many moving parts and people involved, but I made a mental note to revisit the idea in the summer and DO it. I wrote, directed, recorded, and edited the video. In total, there were 33 ladies in the video including me and my mom. It took me a few months to pull off, and the video is one of my biggest creative accomplishments.

7. I made the Breakfast at Tiffany’s booklet. This was also the school project that I pulled my first all-nighter on. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite films and I sneakily weaved in lots of Easter eggs and other subtle symbolism from the film on every single page. It pushed me to the limits of my creativity (and physical ability to work 16-18 hour days multiple days in a row) and is one of my proudest graphic design pieces. Accomplishments #s 6 and 7 show me that you’ll never regret hard work.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

8. I got more comfortable in my own skin. As I grow older, I’m caring less and less what other people think and just doing me. For years, I wore winged eyeliner religiously because I thought it made me look more polished (I still think it does, I just know it’s not the only way to wear makeup). One day, I was in a rush, and just put on mascara. From then on, I kind of evolved into just wearing mascara or not wearing any makeup at all. In the past, I would have been horrified to show my face so naked in public, but I’m so much more comfortable not wearing any makeup around others, I probably go more days a week makeup-less than wearing makeup. I’ve recently felt like wearing winged eyeliner again, so I’ve thrown it back into my makeup rotation and switch things up periodically. As you can see, I chopped my hair off! I’m not sure if I’ll keep it this length or grow it out, but for now, I’m embracing the change. Which leads me to…

9. I got more willing to embrace change. This goes again in line with Accomplishment #1 I listened to my intuition in that I don’t lead with fear. The ego almost always acts out of fear; it’s the intuition that is always calm and knows EGBOK (everything’s going to be ok). I still fight with my ego, but I am more willing to get out of my routine, try something new, and not immediately say “no” to new opportunities that scare me. I got my 2018 agenda personalized with the letters “EGBOK” on the cover to remind myself to never move forward with fear.

I feel like I am going into 2018 with a clear focus and more mature head on my shoulders. I don’t always set intentions for the new year (as I’ve mentioned in the past, I feel like ANY time is a perfectly good time and acceptable time to set new intentions), but this year felt like the perfect blank slate to make new intentions.

Firstly, I prefer to use the word intention over goal as intention feels like something I’m continually working towards and fine-tuning whereas a goal (to me) feels like something I achieve and end up not maintaining. Intentions don’t have to be wildly ambitious and impressive—even menial tasks can count—intentions are anything that will make you happier.

Here are my 2018 intentions:

1. Be a better listener. Especially pay attention when people introduce themselves—remember their names!

2. Practice reframing and don’t overdramatize situations. I’m a big picture thinker and get very anxious thinking of everything I need to get done as a conglomerate. When I do come out of my head and see the rest of the world functioning just fine, I realize my life is pretty great and I need to take everything one step at a time.

3. Practice deep breathing. I recently went for a lymphatic drainage massage and my massage therapist told me my breathing is very shallow—so shallow that my brain is not getting enough oxygen which could lead to headaches and lightheadedness. I tend to breathe lightly when I’m feeling anxious and/or stressed out, like if I’m running late, stuck in traffic, or have a lot to do. I think breathing deeper will help me to check in with my body and remind myself EGBOK.

4. Be patient. I’ll often get an idea or thought and want to blurt it out right away to the first friend or family member I see, but speaking at the right opportunity is just as important as the idea or thought itself. Be discerning and seek out the time when the person will be most receptive.

5. Get Drifter Organics in at least one major retailer. It was thrilling to see us grow our list of stockists in 2017. They are mainly boutiques around the US, and, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely 100% stand with supporting small shops, but I’d like to get Drifter Organics in at least one major retailer to build our brand exposure.

6. Create retail packaging for Drifter Organics. This goes in line with Intention #5 since most retailers will want to see retail packaging for any product they consider taking on. Creating retail packaging for our products is the first task I need to work on. Baby steps!

7. Attend a trade show in 2018 and plan to participate in a trade show in 2019. Now that we’ve done West Coast Craft a couple of times and plan to do it again in 2018, it’s time to step it up and participate in a trade show. The difference between craft fairs (i.e. West Coast Craft, Renegade Craft Fair, Unique LA, etc.) and trade shows (i.e. Indie Beauty Expo, FounderMade, NY Now, etc.) is that trade shows are directed at buyers from retail outlets and members of the press to discover new brands. It’s one of the best outlets to get your brand in front of experts in the industry.

8. Organize my office and digital files. Since I work with a lot of backdrops, photography equipment, and other random props, my office is constantly cluttered. I’d like to get a storage system for my large and small backdrops and figure out how to store my random props. On the digital files front, I have everything backed up on hard drives, but they could be better organized to make file finding easier. The desktops of all my computers are so messy I can hardly see the desktop, so I need to sort through all the files and see what I need to keep and what can be trashed. Outer order = inner calm.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

9. Finish redecorating my bedroom by May. In 2017, I wanted to give my bedroom a refresher. To save money, I still live at home with my parents while I’m going to school online. Although I never had a typical teenager’s room with posters and whatnot, I wanted to give my bedroom a facelift. In the fall, I started redecorating my room, but had other projects come up that were more time sensitive and took priority. As a result, my room is only partially-finished. I have all my furniture, I just need to get some shelves and do one or two DIYs. May is a good, somewhat close yet not so close it’s scary deadline for me.

Reflecting on 2017 + 2018 Intentions

10. Make self-care a priority. I can count how many times during the day, I’ve told myself I’ll do a face mask or diffuse essential oils later that night and the night comes and I convince myself I’m too tired to do anything. It’s one of those things that takes more effort to THINK about than to just DO. I always feel better after I practice self-care, in as little or big a way possible. Some of the little ways I practice self-care are face masks, diffusing essential oils, going to sleep early, skipping a workout and sleeping in, working out in a way that makes me feel good, having tea/coffee with friends, and watching YouTube videos. Treating yourself is not a luxury and being gentle on yourself does not make you weak.

11. Give off the energy I wish to attract. Think twice before I speak—nobody likes a complainer. I like to think of words as either garbage or flowers. Making mean, sarcastic remarks, complaining, or anything else that tears down is like spewing smelly garbage from your mouth (sorry for the disgusting visual), whereas saying kind, upbuilding, and positive things is like exuding the scent of your favorite flower. If you feel like you’re coming from a place of bitterness and resentment, wait until you cool down to speak. Who wants to hang out with someone that smells like garbage? I remind myself I am a magnet to whatever I put out into the world. This totally applies to speaking to yourself as well. Speak to yourself as you would speak to others.

If you made it through this far, congrats! I’d love to hear your 2017 accomplishments and 2018 intentions.

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