Moving + The Story of 201

September 21, 2018

Today is our moving day (even though technically as I write this it’s Thursday, the day before). I’m excited for what new opportunities, connections, and self-discovery living in a new place will bring—even if it is only 25 minutes away from our old home. Our lease is for a year, so it’s a good experiment to see if we’ll like living in East Bay and settle down there or if we want to try a new part of the Bay (or even elsewhere, who knows!).

I thought today would be a good day to tell you the story of our apartment number 201. One of my Internet pals, Jordan‘s special number is 201. You can read more about the connection here, but it’s basically an oddly coincidental recurring number in her life (especially when something big is about to happen). Both of the apartments she’s ever lived in alone when she moved to Los Angeles from NYC are 201. She just moved in with her fiancé, Jonathan to apartment number 206, so that’s the end of her 201 apartment life. Maybe 206 represents the new chapter she and Jonathan are going to create together.

Moving + The Story of 201

Aubrey’s first visit to the apartment.

When my dad found our Jack London Square apartment off of Craigslist, we had no idea what unit number it was. It was the Sunday late afternoon after a long weekend of rental hunting (to no avail), so I was feeling pretty deflated and tired. Our landlord led us up to the second floor and we walked down the hallway all the way to the apartment on the end. I looked up and saw the numbers 201. I was floored and immediately took this video and sent it to Jordan:

The 201 legacy continues! I look at this as an opportunity to take over the 201 chapter while Jordan starts the new chapter of 206. Jordan lived in apartment 201 when she got her official Lyme diagnosis, so maybe I’ll have a huge breakthrough with my health in my 201 home.

Moving + The Story of 201

Moving the plant boos into the new space.

PS. The night we first saw the apartment, I had so much trouble sleeping, I was up for hours and when I finally fell asleep, I looked up at my ceiling to see my projection clock reading “2:01”. 😉

PPS. You bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to take pics and videos of how I decorate the space (I’ve already started showing some DIYs on Instagram Stories!).

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