Kitchen Ceramics Tour!

May 9, 2019

Kitchen Ceramics Tour!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed I have quite a mug collection. In fact, I have an ever-growing kitchen ceramics collection. I love handmade ceramics because of their quirks, imperfections, texture, and special glazes mass-produced ceramics don’t offer. I try to buy as ethically as possible and supporting ceramicists is one of my favorite ways to contribute to the ecosystem of independent designers.

One of my favorite gifts I ever gave to my dad was when I was in 6th grade. It was a handmade mug I found in New Hampshire when I went to an orchestra sleepaway camp. Since I’m curious about the intuition and the subconscious and how they play a role in our interests and overall personality, I’ve always tried to figure out why I’m so obsessed with ceramics. I’ve had dry skin/eczema my whole life (the worst of it was always on my hands) and I will never be able to work with clay because it is wayyy too irritating for my hands, so I guess that makes me appreciate ceramics more because it’s something I’d never be able to create myself.

I thought I’d give you a tour of my kitchen ceramics collection and a few that are on my wishlist.

Earthen San Francisco-based and run by my pal Julia Lemke. She runs her studio and brick and mortar shop where she sells other curated goods from independent designers in the Haight district of San Francisco if you’re visiting and want to stop by.

Mimi Ceramics Portland, OR-based and run by Mica DeMarquez. Mica’s real name is Micaela (spelled the same way too!). I love her colored dot mugs.

A Question of Eagles Los Angeles-based husband and wife duo, Jonathan and Melissa. I love their speckled matte glazes and earth tone palette.

Nola Mae Ceramics San Francisco-based Kelly Beiermann focuses on sourcing her non-toxic materials locally. I have a huge bowl from her that I eat from that my mom calls my “dog bowl.”

Alexandria Cummings Ceramics Portland, OR-based Alex mainly does made-to-order items, but due to popular demand, is starting to offer ready-made items in her online shop. I love her colorful yet muted matte glazes. Her multi-colored party mugs are so whimsical and cheery.

neenineen Run by Paris-born Ninon Choplin who now calls Los Angeles home. Her ceramics all have funky abstract shapes and designs. I have her Udon Mug.

Brian Giniewski Known for his “drippy pots,” Philadelphia-based Brian Giniewski is a forever favorite of mine. He does regular shop updates and often sells out within hours.

Wolf Ceramics Sarah Wolf is the Portland, OR-based ceramicist behind Wolf Ceramics. Her ceramics feature simple geometric shapes. She also offers a mug club where you can receive a new mug every season.

The Pursuits of Happiness A Portland, OR-based husband and wife duo, Pavel and April, who make not only kitchen ceramics, but jewelry, pipes, and planters too. I have their Big Bump Mug.

btw ceramics Los Angeles-based Brooke Winfrey makes household ceramics that feature abstract designs and colors. If Jackson Pollock’s work took ceramics form, it would look like Brooke’s ceramics.

Suite One Studio Lindsay Emery is the North Carolina-based mastermind behind this light, ethereal, and perfectly feminine ceramics line. The colors in her work remind me of watercolors.

Martina Thornhill Known for her Hug Mugs, Portland, OR-based Martina has shop updates every few months and she never fails to sell out within hours.

Didem Mert Sebastopol-based Didem’s work is more so sculptural pieces of fine art more than anything else. I love how you can see the indentations from her thumbs in her ceramics.

MMclay San Francisco-based ceramicist MaryMar Keenan. I love her Progress Collection.

Etcetera Tile Company Florida-based husband and wife team who have a small line of kitchen ceramics they offer in 8 different types of glazes. Their Lunch Plate in Spearmint is on my wishlist.

Recreation Center Brooklyn-based Josephine Noel’s ceramics are whimsical and fun. I’d love to get one of her dog bowls for Aubrey, but I’m afraid Aubrey would knock it over and break it within 5 seconds.

Cathy Terepocki British Columbia-based ceramicist. I love her Anthropologie collaboration.


Mary Carroll Ceramics Portland, OR-based line of colorful and whimsical bowls, mugs, planters, and plates.

Helen Levi Brooklyn-based ceramicist who makes all kinds of household ceramics. I love her Sunrise Dinner Plates and marbleized pieces.

Justin Caraco Ceramics Based in Portland, OR, Justin’s ceramics have the prettiest pastel colored speckled glazes.

Earth + Element Run by Elizabeth Di Prinzio in Los Angeles, I am absolutely obsessed with her Rustic Shape Bowl in Pink.

The Object Enthusiast Run by Kansas City-based Emily Reinhardt, she makes kitchen/household ceramics and beautiful tchotchkes.

O-M Ceramic Been crushing over Los Angeles-based Carrie Lau’s quirky work for years now. Her Celestial Light Pink Dining Plate is to-die-for.

Kitchen Ceramics Tour!

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