The Stomach Diaries: Part V

March 15, 2016

The Stomach Diaries Part V

Last week, I met with my nutritionist. I got a full panel of food allergy testing via the skin prick test. Before I delve into the results, let me give you a lowdown on my diet these past few months. This entire winter, I’ve been eating more cooked food. When I first introduced cooked food (namely sweet potatoes—looooove sweet potatoes) to my diet, I only ate it for dinner. It was my warm little treat I saved for the end of the day. There’s something so comforting about a warm savory dish.

As the weather got colder, I transitioned into eating cooked food for lunch too. I ate raw fruit for breakfast—either cut up in a bowl or blended in a smoothie. Then I baked sweet potatoes with ginger for lunch and dinner. During that time, I introduced spaghetti squash and other winter root vegetables: beets, parsnips, rutabagas, and turnips. Eating more cooked food has made me feel warmer throughout the winter, which is wonderful because I get cold so easily. Until my body decided to protest. About a month ago, I started to feel a little out of balance. A stomachache here, a little bloating there, drowsiness, and a rash forming on my right hand. This only happened every few days. However, I could feel myself teetering out of balance. I knew if I didn’t catch myself, I’d fall back into a state of stomachaches, bloating, tiredness, muscle cramps, joint pain, and rashes: the works.

My theory is I was eating too much cooked food. My body had reached its limit. I made it through the majority of the winter eating 60% cooked to 40% raw fruit, which was not the golden ratio for my body. When my stomach got really irritated in June of last year, bananas were the only food that agreed with me. I knew if I wanted to pull myself out of the danger zone, I should go on a short banana cleanse. There is a produce store close to where I live that sells ripe bananas extremely cheap. I loaded up on 12 pounds of bananas for ~$5! For the next 4 days, I subsisted on fruit—both whole and blended in smoothies. My smoothies were a bit boring since I couldn’t have spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao, and different herbs, but amazingly I felt better! My rash improved in a few days and my stomach was less bloated. Success!

Since my fruit cleanse, I’ve gone back to eating my cooked roots and spaghetti squash, but only for dinner. I eat three meals a day and the 2/3 raw fruits to 1/3 cooked vegetables combination has been serving me well. Which is odd because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, cooked food is easier on the digestion. Which indicates there is a malfunction with the way my body metabolizes food.

The results from this most recent food allergy testing were the best they’ve ever been. As you may remember from my post about my first visit, I tested positive for ~70% of the foods on the allergy test. Except they were false positives because I had leaky gut syndrome. With every new allergy test I get done, I react positive to less and less foods. Of the 74 foods I got tested for, I reacted positive to only 8 foods! My body seems to metabolize carbs and sugar much better than protein, so I’ve organically found myself in a high carb/low fat plant-based vegan diet (except for the fish oil and cod liver oil supplements I take). I have to stay away from nuts, seeds, grains (except for oats), eggs, gluten, dairy, and meat.

This past week, I tried oranges because for the longest time I couldn’t have citrus! A few days ago, I tried cacao powder (I hadn’t had chocolate in nearly a year!) in my smoothie and guess what? I feel great! No negative effects at all! I’m going to try oatmeal soon and see how that goes. I also went for a blood test last week, but haven’t gotten the results back from that yet.

That’s an update on my nutrition + digestion issues. I’m still working with a very limited diet and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat at a restaurant (too many chances for cross-contamination), but my stomach’s feeling good and that’s what matters.

I love hearing your personal health stories in the previous stomach diaries posts. Feel free to share them in the comments below or email me! Let me know if you have any questions for me too.

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  • This is so interesting to read! I got a panel done over a year ago and haven’t been retested. It showed that I tested positive for about 60% of the foods on the list. I had been told though that if I got tested again that it would show I was fine with all of these foods since I haven’t had them in over a year. But it looks like you’ve done retesting. I think I’ll have to ask my nutritionist about retesting again!

  • Thanks for sharing ! I don’t have any serious digestion issues but I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my energy since I’ve started eating less sugar and having apple cider vinegar with water every morning. Good luck with all this!

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